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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Webroot SpySweeper 2007: Antivirus + Antispyware

For those ready to get 2007 presents here's one: Antispyware product re-designed for the next year, ready to fight any spyware stalling your PC, and protect it for ever.

Spy Sweeper v5 Total Upgrade to fight spyware & malware to death.

Webroot runs in the background when SpySweeper starts up preventing malicious spyware, parasiteware, malware, and adware from downloading and being activated. Webroot SpySweeper is an excellent anti-spyware program that is easy to use, includes powerful features, but lacks the customer service to receive our top ranking.

Webroot SpySweeper Feature Set:

Although a superior product before, Webroot's Spy Sweeper offers even more features with its new edition, adding more freedom, convenience and flexibility to its spyware protection capability. One new feature is a scheduling wizard, which walks you, step-by-step, through the process of setting up automatic scans—allowing your computer to check for spyware, whether you are around or not.

I also found Spy Sweeper tremendously intuitive and a snap for beginners to quickly learn and master. And, Webroot is committed to taking care of their customers.

The 5 version of this product also provides automatic updates, which keep your program up-to-date on all the latest spyware threats and comes with several prevention features that keep spyware from getting access to your computer in the first place.

If spyware or adware is detected on your computer, Spy Sweeper offers you with brief descriptions and severity analysis for each, giving you the option to keep, delete or quarantine the spyware found. The "More Details" button will send you to a website that provides further information on most spyware and adware programs—allowing you to make the most informed decision possible about your spyware removal.


Webroot SpySweeper includes an extensive database of spyware definitions making Webroot SpySweeper affective at detecting and removing spyware. The spyware database is automatically updated frequently to keep the SpySweeper in peak condition.

Ease of Use:

Webroot SpySweeper is easy to use from beginners to experts. Simply a one quick download, and automatic installation begins. Upgrades are just as simple, Webroot SpySweeper notifies you when definition updates are available for you too download.


Webroot SpySweeper anti-spyware removal application has several valuable customization options. For example, you can choose when and which portions of your computer to scan, including memory, registry, checking of cookies, or what user accounts to scan if you have multiple users. You can also prevent spyware such as lopdotcom from changing your Internet Explorer's default page, and you can set up the scanner to ignore specific components that you have decided to keep on your computer. All of the customization options are relevant and intuitive.

Ease of Setup/Installation:

After a quick download of Webroot SpySweeper and the installation process automatically begins. Webroot SpySweeper also takes the worry of spyware definitions with automatic updates. One new spyware definitions are available you simple choose to download them and Webroot does the rest.


Webroot supports Spy Sweeper through a built-in help section, online FAQs and email support and is one of the only manufacturers out there to offer a toll-free support line.

However, the best part of Spy Sweeper’s support is the company’s new and improved customer service center, which has added enough new employees to get email responses out fast and most phone calls answered as they come in—not 30 minutes to an hour later like other spyware support lines out there.


With Webroot’s release of SpySweeper 5 and the strides it has made towards first-rate help support, this product is the best option available. With its easy-to-use design, innovative feature set and some of the best spyware detection around, you just won’t find better spyware protection than this.